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A Great Science Fiction Adventure Continues!

The Blood of Balnakin - The Beta Earth Chronicles: Book Two - Wesley Britton

The Beta-Earth Chronicles takes some exciting twists and turns in this, the second book. Our Blind Alien continues to acquire wives, have adventures, and have children, but for the first time there are a few cracks in the Renbourn family solidarity. But this book is about so much more! Science Fiction religion - with All Domes conflicts, parallels some of the issues of our Earth's religious conflicts, and there are political upheavals as well. And some terrific new personalities join the tribe, with very unexpected surprises in the ever changing plot. By now, if you read The Blind Alien first (and I strongly suggest you do, because this book is a continuation of the Chronicles) you will have gotten used to the unusual way of speech, and perhaps, like me, even have fun thinking in that dialect!